What Else Can Hypnosis Solve?

Hypnotical-Know-How to Initiate, Create, Maintain, Sustain, and Share:

  • Spiritual Empathetic & Ethical States of Consciousness
  • Spiritual Ecological & Environmental States of Consciousness
  • Spiritually-Initiated Self-Education States of Consciousness
  • Spiritual Evolution States of Consciousness 



Climate Change & Global Warming

  • How to save the planet    
  • How to resolve Global Warming and Climate Change    

Create Sustainable and Survival States of Consciousness 

Hypnotic-Know How to Increase the Survivability of All Species        

How to Spiritually Evolve…


Hypnotherapeutically Targeted Personal-Educational & Socio-Economic Issues:    

  • Spiritually Initiated Self-Esteem & Etiquette 
  • Spiritual-Socio-Economic Equality States of Consciousness
  • Spiritual-Universal Equilibrium States of Consciousness
  • Hypnotherapeutics for Deeply Sensitive Ingrained Primal-Tribal, and Historical Issues of Negativities    
  • Auto-Responsible Racism Elimination Spiritual Therapies {A.R…R.E.S.T.}©

Hypnotic Know-How to Become Spiritual…  

Hypnotic-Know-How to become an Benevolent-Energized-Entity    

Hypnotic-Know-How to become Purified   

Hypnotic Know-How to become Daily Cleansed   

  • Hypnotic-Know-How to finally solve racial, ethnic, prejudice, bias, and discrimination problems and issues of inequities …Karmically   
  • Hypnotic-Know-How to finally resolve issues related to privilege, superiority complexes, class, and social hierarchy…Karmically    
  • Hypnotic-Know-How to finally resolve murder, destruction, exploitation, oppressions, and repression …Karmically 
  • Hypnotic-Know-How to finally solve violence, abuse, and mistreatment …Karmically    

Cease and Desist the KIDDING: 

Karmically-in-Denial-Destructively Immersed-Negatively-Glued K.I.D.D.I.N.G  

Quantum Hypnotic-Know-How Can...

Address and Solve Hard Problems:

1. Re-Connect-Entangle human consciousness to Universal Consciousness to Solve: 

2. Impending Extinction 

3. The Inability/Refusal to Adapt 

4. Sustainability 

5. Survival 

6. Continuous Oppression, Traumatizing, Abusing, and Mistreating Others  

7.  Continuous Wars for Resources 

8. Instinctual and All Aspects of Racism 

9. Insatiable Greed 

10. Mass Starvation 

11. Lack of Clean Drinking Water for Billions 

12. Lack of Empathy for the World’s Unfortunate Ones  

13. Lack of Love/Empathy and Connectivity for All Fellow Humans/All Other Living Beings  

14. Insatiable Materialism 

15. Continuous Injustice 

16.  Mass Ignorance 

17. Lop-Sided – Unequal Educational, Academic/Intellectual Issues for Underprivileged  

18. Mass Avoidance (head buried into the ground Ostrich-like avoidance)  

19. Mass States of Denial  

20. Mass Inequities  

21. Mass Murders of Humans and all other Living Beings 

22. Mass Destruction of Life-Sustaining Earth’s Ecological Systems & Habitats  

23. Mass Destruction of the Environment 

24. Mass Poverty & Suffering 

25.  Mass Apathy, Indifference, and Unfairness  

26. Mass Negativity, Unwariness, Thoughtlessness, and Irresponsibleness  

27.  Mass Lack of Spiritual Respect, Worship, & Alignment for GOD & the Creator’s Works: 

  • a.  Mass Disrespect for all of GOD’S living Beings 
  • b. Mass Disrespect of the Creation desire for their divine placement and Earth  
  • c. Mass Disregard of Our Purpose: Our Incarnation on Earth to Spiritually Grow  28. Mass Disharmony, Disequilibrium, and Imbalance  

29. Hypnosis Can: Increase Spiritual Memories of Who We Are-Why We Were Put Here 

30. Hypnosis Know-How teaches us how to Re-Learn How to Evolve 

31. Hypnosis Know-How teaches us to Know and Experience Spiritual Love for All…  

32. Hypnosis Know-How teaches us how to Re-Learn How to Reach and Attain Transcendence  

33. Hypnosis Know-How teaches us how to in this lifetime, prior to dying …: how to Experience        Spiritual Union with Cosmic Consciousness   

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