Dr. Roland Webb's Recommendations & Testimonials

LD's Son Life Change!

"I do not even know where to begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for this amazing man. He possesses the biggest heart and patience I have ever known in one person.

I met him close to 15 years ago. His warm personality, love, and compassion for others has always been a constant.

He made a difference in both my life and my sons’. Never say never…because my son took a wrong turn. He was young and had 2 very substantial and hurtful challenges dealt to him. He escaped with drugs. It was Mr. Webb who uncovered the cause that had changed my sons personality…addiction. Mr. Webb was my rock...we spoke daily on how to address the situation. We planned an intervention with treatment. It was one of the most frightening situations I have ever had to deal with. With Mr. Webb's gift to connect with people, compassion, and kindness, I never felt alone.

Mr. Webb facilitated the actual intervention. He knew the right words to say at the right time. He held strong to the options offered to my son. With his expertise, empathy, and knowledge; my son agreed to get help.

Mr. Webb’s role did not stop there. For a year he was preset in our lives. He made sure my son kept on track and helped him to belief in his own potential. At the same time, he assisted me to understand the process of recovery and to stay strong.

I sincerely do not believe my son would be where he is in his life today had it not been for Mr. Webb.  I am a very proud mother of a son who completely turned his life around. He has been sober for 15 years, has obtained his engineering degree, a fantastic job with a great company, a wife whom he treats with such love and respect along with his first home.

The day I learned of what caused my son’s change in behavior and where he is today is the most beautiful gift a mother could have received….I call him my superman. I call Mr. Webb an angel sent to us."


Mimosa’s Forever Linked!

"My Husband was killed in a extremely tragic and devastating explosion several years ago. His body parts were put in a sealed coffin…and eliminated my chance to kiss his lips good-bye for the last time. Shortly after his passing, I left my country to come to America where I raised my two children alone thereafter. I have been in a perceptual state of grieving since his passing."

"Through hypnotherapy, Dr. Webb was able to allow me to re-connect emotionally with my late husband – and this enabled me to heal completely. After my husband died, I was so down-emotionally. I had absolutely no hope of ever recovering from his loss. Dr. Webb took me to a space in my mind and heart which sincerely helped wipe away my pain. His hypnotherapy techniques opened up a positive intuitive heartfelt enduring communication which reassured me spiritually, that my husband suffered no pain…Somehow I felt and knew deep in my heart without a doubt that he was extremely happy during his return to Heaven."

"During my hypnosis, I felt and directly knew I that I was totally in-tuned heart-to-heart to my husband in Heaven. I sahll never forget-how powerful this loving connection was…for it opened up my heart-and tears of rapturous union with my husband… soothed and washed away all those years of despair and grief. – Dr. Webb’s hypnotherapy linked me forever with my husband…I now know that my precious husband’s soul is always with me – guiding and protecting our family-everywhere we go and in everything we do. Hypnosis has changed me…It gave me back that loving essence of my husband… and equally as important…has awakened the eyes in the core of my heart."


Ingrid's Resistance Diminishes...

"When I met Mr. Webb, I resisted getting to know him for I thought he was a bit strange on the weird side. He was more interested in my cultural background and any personal experiences I may have had or heard of concerning where I am originally from. In time, our two families became close enabling us to tightly bond as really good friends."

"Mr. Webb knew I was struggling with my weight…and offered to help me lose weight via hypnosis. I was skeptical-and hesitated more than several times. I was apprehensive about the subject  of hypnosis having seen a lot of it on TV and in the movies. But I finally decided to give hypnosis a chance with Mr. Webb. Hypnosis took me back in time in my life when I was not overweight at all. Several sessions later, I was in the gym and put myself on a carb and junk food minimization diet. With the self-motivational tools to lose, I lost 70 pounds in less than a year, and have kept them off for over 20 years to this day."

"I am extremely grateful for the hypnotherapy, counseling, and the dedication that Mr Webb shard with me. His hypnotic trance suggestions are as powerful today as they were in the early 1990’s. Many compliments and recommendations for Dr. Webb!"


Tina Worthey's Appreciation!

"I am so grateful for the education I received at Eye in Eye School of Hypnotherapy. It explains quantum physics and theory in a comprehensive way. I learned how this applies to human consciousness and how to use this knowledge to re-shape and heal a person's psyche through the gentle yet effective state of hypnosis."

"The programs offered provide tools to help clients overcome such debilitating afflictions as addictions (of any variety), mental disorders, as well as methods to assist those in a quest for spiritual enlightenment."


Tina Worthey, Everett, WA   (May 31, 2018)

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