10% Off: Self-Hypnosis Online Downloadable Mini-Course

  • Additional Discounts: First Hypnotherapy Session usually is at least an hour and a half (1.5 hours). 
  • Eye-in-Eye Clinical Hypnosis and Wellness Solutions will offer a flat first time fee of $150.00 to cover this 1.5 hour initial session.  
  • Joint Issues-Hypnotherapy Sessions:  Eye-in-Eye Clinical Hypnosis and Wellness Solutions offers a 15% discount for each client undergoing hypnosis for the same exact issue. 
  • Group Hypnosis: Contact the Clinic for rates and fees.    

Seasonal Specials - Winter 2019 Discounted Mini-Courses

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Online Fees for Classes & Professional Hypnotherapy Courses

Mini-Classes Downloadable – 8 hours-to 16 hours

  • 8 Hour Mini-Class: $120.00 
  • 12 Hour Mini-Class: $180.00 
  • 16 Hour Mini-Class: $240.00   

Preconditions & Discount Program:

1. Contractual Agreement Required for all of the following Level I – Level IV Hypnotherapy Classes.


2. Discount Program: Students must pass Background Check & Online Eye-in-Eye Clinical Hypnosis and Wellness Solutions Hypnotherapy Ethics Class  

Level I Hypnotherapy: 32 hours [Pre-Discount Price: $480.00*]   

Level II Hypnotherapy: 64 hours [Pre-Discount Priced:  $960.00 

Level III Hypnotherapy: 120 hours [Pre-Discount Price: $1800.00]

Level IV Hypnotherapy:  240 hours [Pre-Discount Price: $3600.00]


*Discounts not yet applied

Hypnosis is like the martial arts…

it can be applied positively for protective self-defense and for other positive applications {from A-Z}…Unfortunately for thousands of years – hypnosis has and still is being used and applied for (from mild-to-extremely negative and adverse purposes) negatively…including in many historically violent, destructive, selfish, oppressive applications.     

Hypnosis further Described:    

Hypnosis is involved in all aspects of thought. Hypnosis is innately entangled in all aspects of focusing the mind, attention, concentration, will, motivation, determination, and that which drives us… Hypnosis drives us to and from…the subjective and objective realms…in all our thoughts, ideas, intentions, and emotions. Hypnosis sequentially drives us throughout life in all our acts, actions, behaviors, attitudes, dispositions, mind-sets, all – which are organized in thought and emotional patterns. Hypnosis is actually always involved in attracting, holding, and sustaining the entrained and attuned mind…to some thought…to some idea…to some intention…to some emotion, and to some object…   In this Universe of thought, hypnosis is omnipresent-everywhere. Hypnosis is involved in every field of thought, in every level from the tiniest infinitesimal thought field to the most infinite scales of thought and manifestation.    Hypnosis is an active aspect of the Universal Consciousness of this Universe… and beyond.    The LIGHT is Hypnotic, memorizing, entrancing…and irresistibly infinitely Attracting. And yes, Hypnosis is simultaneously attracted to the Source of the LIGHT – which is LOVE…   So, from the direct near-death-experience…Dr. Webb brings to all who are interested…NDE-Inspired Hypnosis and Hypnotherapies.   

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