My Near-Death-Experiences

It’s been almost 30 years...

On August 9th, 1988 at 6:35 PM while stationed in the Philippines - I had my first near-death-experience (NDE). This was a spontaneous life-changing…extremely divinely-Loving cosmic consciousness –experience of transcendental awakening and realization.     

A week later, on the 15th of August of 1988, I had another near-death-experience. Both enlightening experiences opened new supra-lucid insights and have never ceased unfolding-to this very day.     

This has opened-up multiple windows of the mind, allowing attunement to and within the inner universe in depth. I made a conscious choice to devote my life to these inner discoveries, and to share what I have learned…to all who have open minds and hearts and who are willing to read, hear, learn, experiment personally, and validate these insights on their own.    

Since 1988, immediately after the NDEs I began teaching meditation. Honestly, I could have gone the self-enlightened guru path…but something guided me to the fields of hypnosis.    

Hypnosis is truly one of the most powerful, independent, and emancipating way of releasing the ego…to discover one’s calling, while self-healing and attaining personal goals along the way. Hypnosis enabled me to finally quit smoking-25 years ago, lose weight, and has kept me on a spiritual path-daily-24/7 ever since the NDE on the 9th of August 1988.    

I have never-ever forgotten those two near-death-experiences, they have made an eternal impression into my spirituality.  

To this day, hypnosis has taught this mind-daily around-the-clock spiritual-alignment. With two NDEs coupled with 29 years of teaching meditational groups in Southeast Asia and in America, an energetic highly conscience dynamical spiritual field of hypnosis has been established. 

NDE-Inspired Spiritual Hypnotherapies allows anyone to apply these systems anywhere and all times in their lives. Our Eye-in-Eye Hypnotherapies, systems, programs, and techniques care relevant, versatile, and applicable in all life-situations involving all thoughts, ideas, intentions, and emotions. With this finely-tuned alignment, the mind and the heart can be positively programmed and empowered to seek the deepest answers of this universe – hypnotically and hypnotherapeutically. These gifts of the mind…time-tested and powerful …are now ready to be shared with Eye-in-Eye Hypnosis students and our Clients. 

It is from this quest, and the myriad of inner works, that Dr. Webb can share the insights of three powerful types of advanced hypnosis:   

*Classical Enhanced Hypnosis  

*Electro-Magnetic – Brain Wave States of Hypnosis  

*And the crown jewel, that of Quantum Hypnosis.    

Quantum Hypnosis is state-of-the-art-leading edge…science-inspired hypnosis based upon the theoretical premises of quantum physics and the quantum consciousness. Quantum hypnosis has transcendental potentials for anyone who has the motivation, tenacity, and inquisitiveness and learns to know it and practices Eye-in-Eye Clinical Hypnosis – step-by-step involving all of its various systems, therapies, programs, and techniques.    

---  Dr. Roland A. Webb: Director of Eye-In-Eye Hypnosis Clinic and Wellness Solutions  

How 2 Survive Death…

Hypnosis can teach you to see the … LIGHT

but Prior…to the LIGHT…we must Prepare our Soul…and 

Hypnotically-apply Know-How concerning the following: 

What is it within us all, that will and will-not survive death

Transitional…Survival Step-by-Step procedures directly inspired by the NDE

How and when to Let-Go….and How to Cross the Threshold…to Heaven

How to prepare for the Judgement…and survive with the Soul Intact…

How does one reduce all the Guilt…prior...associated with the life...?

How to Reduce and Mitigate KARMA

How to Optimize our positive Karma to improve our Afterlife

How to Optimize and Reduce our next Reincarnation(s)   

How to Stay Home in Heaven much longer…and eventually into Eternity

How to Attune with Universal Consciousness    

How to tune into the Cosmos   

How to Find Divine – Everlasting Infinite LOVE   

How to tap into the fields of Omnipotent Power   

How to tap into the fields of Omnibenevolence (Good)     

How to tap into the fields of Omniscient Knowledge    

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