Hypnotheraphy Teachings

We Teach Hypnosis and Hypnotherapies

 ...which are NDE inspired, experientially based –deeply imbedded, positive-oriented and life-changing-therefore, once learned, they are unshakable and seared into eternal memory.  

We offer our students and Clients

  ...hypnotically the keys to the inner universe where Synchronicity (also termed as meaningful coincidences), unfolds and manifests subjectively and objectively directly into their lives to facilitate healing and the attainment of their personal goal.      

We also offer our Clients hypnotherapy training opportunities

  ...hypnotherapy classes with advanced hypnosis training, business training with necessary professional business and marketing plans, tools and knowledge so they can open their own hypnotherapy practice or franchise opportunities with Eye-in-Eye Clinical Hypnosis and Wellness Solutions.     

Our no-nonsense-positive NDE & science-inspired advanced hypnotherapeutic systems, programs...

AND therapies, and techniques 

  ...are experientially based –deeply imbedded, always and only positive-oriented and are life-changing. Therefore, once learned, they are unshakable and seared into eternal memory  

Eye (I)-Know…

Hypnosis & Wellness Training & Materials

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Hypnotherapy CDs $____ 

Hypnotherapy DVDs $____ 

Hypnotherapy MP3s $____ 

1st NDE Book $____ 

2nd NDE Book $____ 

3rd NDE Book $____ 

Book of Synchronicity  $____ 

Hypnosis Lectures $____


Experiential Interactive Breathing Workshop $____

Eye-in-Eye Therapeutic Hypnotherapy Group Training – 4.0 Hours $____ 

Eye-in-Eye Therapeutic Hypnotherapy Group Training – 8.0 Hours  $____

Eye-in-Eye Therapeutic Hypnotherapy Group Training – 16.0 Hours $____

Eye-in-Eye Therapeutic Hypnotherapy Group Training – 24 Hours $____

Eye-in-Eye Therapeutic Hypnotherapy Group Training – 32.0 Hours  $____

Eye-in-Eye Therapeutic Hypnotherapy Group Training – 40.0 Hours $____  

Level 1 Hypnotherapy Basic Course (Lecture-Class) 32.00 Hours  $____

Level 2 Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course (Lecture-Class)  64.00 Hours $____ 

Level 3 Electro-Magnetic Hypnotherapist Course (Lecture-Class)  128.00 Hours $____ 

Level 4 Quantum Hypnotherapist Course (Lecture-Class) 240.00 Hours $____ 

Webinar Lecture  1.0 Hour $____

Webinar Hypnotherapy Workshop  8.0 Hours $____ 

Webinar Hypnotherapy Seminar  32 Hours $____ 

Online Hypnotherapy Tools & Quantum Keys $____ 

Energy Works (Contracted) $____ 

Astrology Readings {Contracted)  $____ 

Body Work-Therapeutic Massage (Contracted) $____ 

Tarot Readings (Contracted) $____ 

Cartouche Readings  $____  

Online Spiritual Therapeutic Art $____ 

Online Ecological Art $____ 

Y-Shirts  $____ 

Hoodies $____ 

Base Caps $____ 

Coffee Mugs $____ 

Calendars $____ 

Mouse Pads   $____ 

Posters (Various Sizes…Specify} $____ 

Other Printed Medium  $____ 

Jackets $____ 

Hypno-T-Shirts  $____ 

Silk Screen Rolls  $____  

Hypnosis & Wellness Training & Materials


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Eye-In-Eye Hypnosis Clinic and Wellness Solutions

1. Addiction Therapies (Cigarettes, Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Sugar, Personality, Gambling, and Video Gaming)

2. Weight Loss Therapy & Eating Disorders   

3. Diabetes Mitigation   

4. Stress-Reduction & Stress-Induced Disease    

5. PTSD   

6.  Pain Management    

7. Phobias    

8. Wellness Solutions:  (Physiological, Psychological, and Emotional)   

9. Anxiety/Anger/Anti-Negativity Therapies   

10. Life Skills: Education/Learning    

11. Psychic Phenomena & UFO Investigations & Abduction   

12. Spiritual Protocols of Eye-in-Eye Clinical Hypnosis…:* 

Specific Aspects of Spiritual Protocol: 

a. Unconscious Mindscapes  

b. Dream States of Consciousness (Interpretation/Healing/Insights/Navigation/Lucidity)  

c. Cultivating Hypnopompic & Hypnogogic Dream States 

d. Eco-Spirituality: Eco-Know-How  

e. Earth State of Consciousness via (GEB & GAIA) 

f. Interplanetary/Interstellar/Intergalactic Non-Local Ecological States of Consciousness 

g. Out-of-Body-Experiences  

h. *Near-Death-Experience (NDE) & Shared Death Experiences  

i. Life-Review Counseling  

j. KARMA  

k. Judgement  

l. Quantum Consciousness & Phenomena  

m. Nonlocal Communications: Guardian Spiritual Communication/Departed Love Ones  

n. Inter-Wave/Particle Non-Local Communications  

o. Channeling 

p. Auto-Writing and Insights 

q. Synchronicity and Collapsing the Wave Functions (CWFs) 

r. Manifesting Positive CWFs via Synchronicity  

s.  Spiritual Guidance/Inner Guided Attention  

t. Afterlife 

u. Reincarnation Optimization 

v. Quantum Consciousness Observation 

w. Transcendental Hypnosis: Experiential Interactive Breathing  

x. Transpersonal Consciousness and Karmic Counseling  

y. Spiritual & Cosmic Attunement  

z. Sustaining Cosmic Attuned Oneness   

Meditation Music Video

Relaxing Meditation Music with Ocean Views, 2 ½ Hours of Tranquility via  LoungeV Films - Relaxing Music and Nature Sounds   


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