Why Let Dr. Webb Guide You?

Why not let a near-death-experienced (NDE) [and shared-death experienced {SDE}–] master hypnotherapist, teacher - spiritual guide you to become truly Free. …Why not let Dr. Webb who spontaneously became a self-enlightened-International Meditation Instructor, subsequently trained and became a licensed, credentialed, and professionally trained Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Master Clinical Hypnotherapist –personally guide and help you?     

Dr. Webb teaches NDE-Spiritually Inspired Hypnosis, Hypnotherapies, and specializes in Hypnotherapy Training. Since 1988, the NDEs which Dr. Webb experienced have never left his inner heart and mind. The spiritual insights, systems of hypnosis, and hypnotherapies all started from that unforgettable spiritually enlightening evening of August 9th, 1988… and equally as important-have continued to organically unfold to this very day.   

The NDE unlocked the heart and the mind…and released the soul-into the Spirit - allowing spiritual and hypnotic knowledge to…surface and flow and grow in this being…around-the-clock, daily. The Cosmic Ocean…infinite in It’s capacity readies the mind and opens the Heart-eternally creating an insatiable yearning and quest for learning…All this spiritual Yearning and Learning has potentials to be shared by others who have an open mind and heart. All this churning and yearning for knowledge and learning – turns lives around – positively and creates earning possibilities for those who are sufficiently motivated-tenaciously.     

So here it is:  We TRAIN Hypnotherapists…We Offer our experiential TRAINING to YOU! WE TRAIN – Positive-Oriented Students to be fully licensed Hypnotherapists!   

We TRAIN you from start to finish. We TRAIN to KNOW-HOW HYPNOSIS WORKS!   

Eye-in-Eye Clinical Hypnosis and Wellness Solutions has developed NDE-Spiritually Inspired powerful hypnotherapies to help anyone: Stop Smoking, Stop Drinking, Stop taking Drugs, Control Gambling, Lose Weight, Manage Diabetes Reduce Stress, Reduce and Manage Anger, Reduce and Manage Pain naturally, Reduce PTSD, Eliminate Phobias, Increase Educational Values and become Self-Educated, Eco-Know How to create and sustain an ecological state of consciousness within the mind and heart, and Spiritually the Know-How to Interpret Dreams, Conquer Fear of Death, Mitigate Karma and the Know How to Reduce thre necessity of continually having to Reincarnate…and WE TRAIN Students and Clients in the Hypnotherapeutic- Know-How  to Spiritually Evolve-Eternally.  

We are in critical times…   

Most importantly of all, Eye-in-Eye Clinical Hypnosis and Wellness Solutions teaches our Students and Clients how to become independent hypnotherapeutically, and the Know-How to eventually master themselves spiritually, while becoming eco-greener financially (for the planet and personally-respectively) and the most important of all the Know-How to become a Benevolent Soul to Grow thyself with Self-Hypnosis.       

Truthfully, anyone can learn hypnosis and some basic hypnotherapies. Eye-in-Eye Clinical Hypnosis and Wellness Solutions is inclusive to anyone – particularly to those on a spiritual path…especially to those who have a burning interest in hypnosis. And we are open to all who are interested.   

Eye-in-Eye Clinical Hypnosis and Wellness Solutions offers very challenging, extremely deep and powerful life-changing hypnotherapies. This is supra-deep hypnosis that we teach…so naturally it is soulfully for – those who are spiritual…and who willing to focus, concentrate, attend, and devote a tremendous amount of time and energetic tenacity, patience to acquire extraordinary advance hypnosis skills and hypnotherapeutic training. We are always looking for prospective Students and Clients that have an insatiable will-to-succeed, yes…extremely high motivation souls-with hyper-determination and drive to improve their life, and the lives of their Clients.     

Therefore, our hypnotherapies are designed for the most serious Student and Clients. Plainly, stated, Eye-in-Eye Clinical Hypnosis and Wellness Solutions hypnotherapies are not for everyone. So, the prospective Hypnotherapy Student and Client must choose wisely.  Once fully trained and certified, Eye-in-Eye Hypnotherapists can enjoy potentially limitless spiritual opportunities.    

We also offer mini-hypnosis classes which specialize in many areas where hypnosis is direly needed to heal, resolve issues, attain goals, and grow-the-soul-empathetically, ethically and spiritually. All our hypnotherapies are designed to shrink ecological footprints, and to save climate systems and natural resources which nourish and sustain the planet and all life.     

Dr. Roland A. Webb - Director

Eye-In-Eye Hypnosis Clinic and Wellness Solutions

Master Hypnotherapy Trainer Biographical & Resume  

Teachings & Ideas:

Classical Hypnosis …Electromagnetic Hypnosis …Quantum Hypnosis   

Spiritual & Hypnotherapy Particulars:

Near Death Experienced:  (August 9th, 1988) & (August 15th, 1988) 

UFO Investigator & Abductee Counselor  (1989-1991) 

Ancient Egyptian Meditation Teacher/Guide/Coach:  (1989-to Present)

Certified Hypnotherapist-American Institute of Hypnotherapy

Certified Master Hypnotherapist – National Board of Professional & Ethical Standards Hypnosis (2011)

Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner  (2011)   


AAS Community College of the Air Force-Airframe Repair Technology  (May 1997)

AA- University of Maryland: Management Studies  (June, 1997) 

BS-University of Maryland: Business Management & General Science  (2005)

PhD: California Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Hypnotherapy  (2012)

Doctoral: California University – Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy  (2013)


Military Experience:

USAF Retiree/Vietnam-Era Veteran  

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