Consciousness Continues (2018)

Dr. Webb explains both of his Near Death Experiences

Season 1, Episode 1 - 'Before My Near-Death Experience':  

15 Near-Death Survivors divulge  personal stories of their life before their Near Death Experience to  many years later. They offer interpretations of what they saw after  death and reveal intimate details about how their lives have changed  since. Brought to you by the same independent filmmaker who created the  short film of the same name. New episodes to come out every few months. 



Dr. PMH Atwater, LHD, Kimberly Clark Sharp, Roland A. Webb


Product details 

Genres               Faith and Spirituality, Documentary                      

Director               Heather Dominguez                      

Starring               Dr. PMH Atwater, LHD, Kimberly Clark Sharp                      

Season year                             2018                                      

Network                                Cavern Films LLC                                      

Producers               Heather Dominguez                      

Purchase rights                                

Stream instantly                                                                



Prime Video (streaming online video)                                      

Devices                                Available to watch on supported devices    

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